More Than Pretty

How to Live a Life of Substance 
in an Artificial World.

Women of the world have woken up. Nations have begun to understand that the conditions of our present societies cannot improve if women are not contributing their talents, minds, and innovation. Women have also woken up to the realization that for far too long their own conditions have been monitored and maintained without women at the table. We, uniquely to our gender, have been chosen to carry and birth life and we are outliving our male counterparts. This is a critical moment for all of us as mothers, daughters, and sisters. This is the moment where we will decide how to lead in obligation as the world’s responsibilities call to us. We need to be prepared. We need to be focused. We need to do. This book is dedicated to all of you, awake and ready.

In admiration and respect, 

Maaria Mozaffar
Author of More Than Pretty 


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About the Author
Mozaffar is a civil rights attorney, mediator, policy drafter and legislative consultant. Her work is focused on empowering those who have the least power in societal structures and institutions. Mozaffar believes that societies should be judged on how they treat their most vulnerable. For us to score well, we all need to be people of impact. She is the founder of The Skinless Project, a global women's empowerment platform. Mozaffar believes empowered women will change the world. She is a triathlete, wife, and mother of three.