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Fearless publishers fueled by an obsession with genre-defying literary art and confidence in literature's ability to change the world.

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When we formed Culturatti Ink, we thought of the place between the cultural relevance and glitterati of today and the literati of yesteryear. Where would we be without our great voices and authors?  At Culturatti Ink, we are on the lookout for those same next voices that understand and epitomize that vision. We are more progressive than hip. We are creative and cerebral synchronously. We eat our pop-culture perversions with our high-brow intellects. We are Culturatti Ink and if you rock the same boat, board our vessel!

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Explore the Culturatti Ink collection of books by progressive thinkers & writers of socially conscious literary art.

Featured Title

Sometimes Form Sometimes Vessel
By David Michael Belczyk

David Michael Belczyk is a poet, fiction writer, and lyricist who has authored seven books and is currently completing his second novel. He writes from his hometown of Pittsburgh and is married to soprano Rebecca Belczyk. David's work embraces themes of personal and collective identity, genesis, the unity of people, places, and times, and the mystery of human endurance.